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        Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group, depending on beer & beverage filling equipment as flagship products, is a large scale light industrial machinery corporation that comprehends mutiple functions such as product research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and technical service.
        Nanjing Light Indusrial Machinery Group is a state-owned grade I large scale enterprise directly affiliated with China National United Equipment Group Corporation. The company had passed ISO-9001 Quality System authentication in July of 1997 and passed new version authentication in October of 2002. "Nanjing Light Industry" was granted "the National May 1st Labor Prize" by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. The company was also appointed as national CAD and CIMS application exemplary enterprise by State Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has won the honorary title of "Model Company of Jiangsu Province" for 15 continuous years, and was nominated "Model Company of Chinese Machinery Industry" by China Machinery Industry Federation in 2008. The Designing Institute of Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group has been certified as "Provincial Enterprise Technical Center of Jiangsu Province". 
        With years persistent efforts, Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group builds up core competitive competence and comprehensive strength, and promotes brand establishment by technical innovation. 50,000BPH, 48,000BPH, 40,000BPH, 36,000 BPH, and 24,000 BPH (draft) beer bottling lines and 36,000 CPH, 18,000 CPH, and 9,000 CPH beer & beverage canning line series we developed by digestion and assimilation of advanced technology from abroad have been awarded honorary titles including "State Level New Product Certificate", "State Level Scientific and Technological Progress Award", and "National Silver Medal Prize" by relevant state departments. 20,000 BPH mineral water filling line, 20,000 BPH carbonated soft drink filling line, and 20,000 BPH beverage hot filling line have passed provincial (ministerial) appraisal. Our market share and total sales volume has topped domestic industry for years.
        From October of 2012, Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group started to construct a new plant of 88113 m2 building area for "Nanjing Light Industry Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd." in Jiangning High & New Tech Park of Nanjing. In 2015, Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group re-organize its beer & beverage related assets into "Nanjing Light Industry Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.", making the new company a production and R&D base that is leading in Asia and ranking first class in the world. 
        As a globally recognized and domestic first class fluid packaging expert, and based on rich technical and equipment resources and modern processing means, Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group will produce more innovative products of top quality and high efficiency, contributing our intelligence and potence for the flourish and prosperity of Chinese fluid packaging industry by providing strong equipment support.

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