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      2. Solutions
        Liquor and condiment glass bottling line

        a)Output capacity: 200BPM~500BPM (500ml)

        b)Main machines: depalletizer, bottle washer, filler & capper, labeler, box packer, carton case packer, palletizer, bottle & case conveyor, cap conveyor, etc.

        c)Suitable bottle: dia. ?58~80, height 180~300mm

        d)Package size: 1 bottle/box, 3*4 box/carton pack

        e)Bottling line process flow (Equipment composition and process flow can be adjusted according to different process requirements)
        g)Technical characteristics: 
        1.Optimized line layout, with nominal capacity of individual machines matched according to requirements of the bottling line.
        2.Full line uses pressureless transportation to achieve high production efficiency.
        3.Full line gives sufficient consideration to energy saving and emission reduction, as well as recovery of energy sources including heat and water.
        4.Bottling line equipment composition can be adjusted as appropriate according to customer requirements.

        Bottling line layout

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