Dick kept a series of blue three-ring binders during the late 70's
that he would use to index his personal collection of Grateful Dead
recordings. Within these Notebooks he would chronicle the source,
setlist, and comments about each of the hundreds of shows that he
had at the time. If a show was particularly good, he would indicate
the status by stamping the page with a Steal Your Face logo and
color in the sections with his various colored pens. Below are the
earliest shows that he had chronicled up until about 1983.

February 14th, 1968

June 7th, 1968

April 6th, 1969

June 2nd, 1969

November 1st, 1969

December 1st, 1969

December 5th, 1969

December 6th, 1969

January 10th, 1970

January 16, 1970

February 5th, 1970

February 11th, 1970

February 13th, 1970

February 14th, 1970

March 1st, 1970

March 20th, 1970

April 3rd, 1970

May 2nd, 1970

May 6th, 1970

May 15th, 1970

May 24th, 1970

June 24th, 1970

July 10th, 1970

July 12th, 1970

August 5th, 1970

April 26th, 1971

September 28th, 1972

June 9th, 1973

December 2nd, 1973